15 Most Amazing Things Found Underwater

An Undersea Meeting

The world’s first underwater meeting regarding a plea for climate change action was held in the Maldives. Politicians from the Indian Ocean Island Nation wore scuba gear and sat in a round table and was led by President Mohamed Nasheed. The thirty-minute meeting was held six meters below sea level and addressed fears that the island will be swallowed by rising sea levels unless action is executed to minimize carbon emissions. The president was already a certified diver but the rest of the cabinet had to take diving lessons to prepare for the meeting.

Yonaguni Monument

This unusual rock formation was found of the coast in Japan, near the Ryukyu Islands. It is an L- shaped, rectangular rock believed to be at least 2,000 years old. It’s debated whether or not this was naturally formed or man made. It is made up of very fine sandstones and mudstone. Since its discovery, it has been attracting a lot of undersea divers. The monument has been featured on various shows including, the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens and the Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown.

The Underwater Graveyard of Tryweryn Valley, Wales

In 1956, Tryweryn Valley was subjected to be flooded following a sponsored bill, that was pushed through parliament by the council with no consent from the local representatives. The village was to be flooded to create a reservoir and despite the locals fighting against the bill for eight long years, the valley was drowned. Residents were told that their buried loved ones would be relocated before the drowning and the graveyards would be encased out of respect for the dead, however that did not happen. Today, the graveyards still exist at the bottom of the Llyn Celyn reservoir.

Underwater River

It’s not photoshopped and underwater rivers are actually pretty common. If you haven’t seen one, it has a whole world of its own. It can’t be seen on the outside, but 100 feet below is a cenote. Cenotes are deep sinkholes formed from the collapsed bedrock that shows the groundwater underneath. The sinkholes connect to subterranean bodies of water and contain vast underwater cave systems. When the cenote is filled with fresh rainwater, the underwater river is formed when the fresh rainwater meshes into the salty groundwater. When the waters meet, it causes a milky effect called halocline, which is pretty breathtaking.

Underwater Crop Circles

We mostly see crop circles on land but not underwater. The crop circles are a large geometric pattern measuring 7 feet in length. This strange phenomena puzzled scientists until they were able to finally determine how it was created. Thanks to the mating ways of male puffer fish; they have created these crop circle to attract females. Male pufferfish spend seven to nine days building these circles and using their fins to move sand around. If the female likes what she see, she will mate with him. However, nobody is entirely sure what the female puffer fish is looking for in these circles.

Diving Bell Spider

This may be more scary than amazing, if you thought you were safe from spiders by going into the ocean then meet the diving bell spider. It is the only known spider species to live its entire life underwater! It’s extraordinary diving skills comes from its ability to weave silk webs within underwater vegetation, that they use to create an air bubble which they use to breathe. The spiders fill these chambers by continually transporting air bubbles from the surface. The arachnids spend their lives in these bubbles, even hunting and laying their eggs inside them. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about, we have to watch out for spiders in the water now too!

Endless Sea Yacht

In April 1976, a Brazilian yacht sank off the coast of Antarctica due to strong winds and compression. Four of the crew members and the owner, Joao Lara Mesquita who is a journalist were saved before the ship capsized. They were filming a documentary off the Antarctic coast during the incident. They were trapped for two days due to weather conditions but they all survived with no injuries. When it sank, the 76 foot yacht named Mar Sem Fin meaning endless sea submerged right in eye’s view creating a ghostly scene. It lay there for a year until the yacht was recovered in 2013.

Underwater Pyramid

A 20,000 year old pyramid was discovered in Portugal. It’s perfectly square and has believed to have sunk underwater during the last ice age. It was found between the islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira in the Azores. For security purposes, the exact location of the pyramid has remained a secret until an in depth investigation has been conducted to study the pyramid. Some experts believe it could a remainder of the lost Atlantis. Researchers are still trying to figure out how the pyramid came to be and which civilization is responsible for building it.

Lake Michigan Stonehenge

Forty feet below Lake Michigan in the Grand Traverse Bay Underwater Preserve is a unique archaeological stone formation. Series of stones are arranged in a circle containing carvings that resemble a mastadon. Other pictures carved into the stone confirm that it is an ancient petroglyph. The submerged site is believed to be at least 6,000 years old and archaeologists hope to find out if the features on the rock are naturally formed or created by ancient humans.

Sunken Treasure

A shipwreck containing up to $17 billion dollars of treasure was uncovered off the Caribbean coast of Colombia. San Jose was sunk by a British squadron more than 300 years ago. The search for the missing ship frustrated researchers for decades since they could not locate it until now. When the San Jose set sail in 1696, it had more than 500 people on board. The excavation of the San Jose could take years to dig up but researchers are eager to explore the wreckage.

Christ of the Abyss

Submerged in the heart of the ocean is a 4,000 pound bronze statue of that stands as a beacon, attracting divers from all of the world. It is located in Key Largo, Florida which is considered the Dive Capital of the World. The Jesus Christ statue was placed underwater in 1965 and stands 8 feet tall with outstretched arms. It is made from the same caste as the original statue and another replica were made and shipped to Genoa. Anyone is free to dive underwater to see the statue and it remains protected in the underwater preserve.


It was believed to be an ancient computer used in Greece to predict lunar and solar eclipses. First discovered in 1900, it is the oldest known complex gear mechanism used. It was found in a shipwreck and it believed to be at least 2,000 years old. It’s currently being displayed at a museum for public viewing as researchers are still studying the artifact. It’s true function remains unknown but due to its complex construction, this analog gear mechanism proves that ancient civilization is more advanced than we have known.

Ancient City of Heracleion

It’s been buried in the Mediterranean Sea for more 1,200 years. Located near Alexandria is an ancient city filled with secrets and treasures waiting to be discovered. Shipwrecks, gold coins, giant tablets and religious artifacts were found, including a 16 foot sculpture thought to be the city’s central temple containing sarcophagi and mummified animals. It’s amazing that all these ancient finds were safely preserved underwater for decades. Researchers are still debating on why the city sank, some possible explanations point to an earthquake.

Underwater Museum of Art

In 2009, Jaime Gonzalez Cano of the The National Marine Park, Roberto Diaz of The Cancun Nautical Association and Jason deCaires Taylor created a museum unlike any other. Over 500 permanent life size sculptures are submerged underwater, creating one of the largest and most amazing underwater artificial attractions in the world. It’s goal is to showcase the interaction between art and environmental science. The statues promote coral life which is safe for marine mammals and inhabitants. The area covers over 420 square meters of sea bed and weighs over 200 tons.

Port Royal

It’s commonly known as the “wickedest city on the Earth.” Tales of treasure hunting, looting pirates, naval conquests, gambling, gluttony and woman were spread all about this Jamaican city, until it met a tragic end in 1692. A massive earthquake destroyed the city and two thirds of it sank into the sea. More than 1,500 people were killed and 3,000 were seriously hurt. It currently lies at the bottom of the sea, becoming one the most important archaeological resting site in the Caribbean and the only sunken city in the Western Hemisphere. The sinking is believed to be a punishment by God due to their sinful ways.

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