Hot Women in Politics – Most Beautiful Women Top 17

Eva Kaili

A member of the Greek delegation to the EU’s European Parliament, Eva Kaili has been noted for her extreme good looks for most of her career. Kaili, now 38, originally studied to be an architect before moving on to a career in television news journalism and, eventually, politics. The beautiful Greek MP, aka Member of Parliament, is a part of PASOK, the Panhellenic Socialist Movement party.


Giselle Arellano

Giselle Arellano’s obscure yet extremely volatile campaign for a seat in the legislature of the Mexican state of Zacatecas briefly made headlines in 2013 when the gorgeous politician’s opponents accused her of both being a call girl and owning a brothel.  Images from a Sinners and Saints party at which Arellano boldly modeled in a revealing   costume were given to Mexican newspapers, prompting a set of speculations about her life and background that, according to Arellano at least, ultimately cost her the election. A business Arellano owned was also accused by her opponents of being involved in illegal prostitution.


Yuri Fujikawa

Japan’s Yuri Fujikawa may very well be both the most dedicated and attractive female politician in the world today. In 2008, the 28-year old councilwoman for the city of Hachinohe decided to promote her hometown and district by publishing a set of photos showing off her amazing figure in a bikini, as well as a DVD in which she ventured around Hachinohe and partook in local activities. Some have gone so far as to label the promotional DVD as “soft porn” because of certain shots that unapologetically used Fujikawa’s beauty to sell the city to potential visitors. The councilwoman also has the bad luck of sharing her name with a Japanese adult actress of the non-soft variety, leading to at least some confusion between the two when her DVD came out.


Mara Carfagna

Italian politician Mara Carfagna’s career began not in public service, but in the sultry world of lingerie modeling and exotic performance. The one-time showgirl, now a member of the Italian legislature, was also once a contestant in the Miss Italy competition. Under the administration of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, whose political career was almost constantly plagued by personal scandals involving beautiful women, Carfagna was appointed equal opportunities minister. To top it all off, Mara Carfagna once held the distinction of being the world’s sexiest government minister, as judged by Maxim magazine.


Alina Kabaeva

Perhaps the most physically attractive woman in Russian politics, Alina Kabaeva began her career as a gold-winning Olympic rhythmic gymnast. After her retirement from professional sports, the noted beauty moved on to the world of politics, gaining a seat in the Russian Duma. These days, however, Kabaeva is perhaps best known as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rumored mistress. The intensely private Putin has repeatedly refused to discuss his personal life since divorcing his wife in 2013, but rumors about his relationship with Kabaeva have persisted. More recently, a public appearance in which Alina Kabaeva was accompanied by two young boys sparked speculation that she and the Russian president may have started a family together.


Elizabeth Halseth

Elizabeth Halseth rose to political success in the American state of Nevada in 2010, when the 27-year old was elected as a state senator without any previous experience. Though Halseth was popular, her career in politics was short-lived. After only one year in office, she resigned for personal reasons and began looking for work in the private sector. Even though Elizabeth Halseth’s political success had left her, her stunning good looks had not. In 2012, not long after her resignation, Halseth began a very different kind of campaign, becoming a write-in candidate for a position on Maxim’s list of the 100 most beautiful women in the world.


Anna-Maria Galojan

In any field or profession, Anna-Maria Galojan of Estonia would stand out as a beauty, as evidenced by her appearance on the cover of Playboy magazine’s Estonian edition in 2009. As difficult as it may be to believe, however, the nude photo shoot pales in comparison to other controversies surrounding Galojan’s political career. In 2012, she was convicted for embezzlement of funds from a non-profit political organization of which she had previously been the leader. Following the conviction, the Estonian beauty fled to the United Kingdom to avoid serving her sentence, but was extradited back to Estonia after nearly three years of legal battles. She was released from prison in June of 2015, but is still making controversial headlines. In December of 2016, Galojan’s name appeared once again in British newspapers, this time over an allegedly racially aggravated assault in London.


Ruby Dhalla

Formerly a member of the Canadian parliament, Ruby Dhalla was known during her political career as a tough and thoughtful leader, although her ambition and strong personality often put her at odds with other members of her party. Dhalla, unlike many exceptionally attractive female politicians, managed to avoid any major personal scandals during her time in office. Despite this, by Dhalla’s own admission, being a beautiful woman in politics was a difficult balancing act, often forcing her to avoid socializing with male colleagues for fear of sparking rumors of affairs.

Elena Kountoura

Now serving as Greece’s alternate minister of tourism, Elena Kountoura had previously served five terms in the Greek parliament. Before entering politics in 2004, Kountoura had a long and successful career as a supermodel, cosmetic brand ambassador and director for a women’s magazine. Although her days as a model are now long behind her, Elena Kountoura has lost none of her good looks and remains one of the most beautiful women serving in politics today.


Vera Lischka

Vera Lischka is a member of the Austrian parliament aligned with that nation’s Social Democratic party. She is far better known, however, for her excessive good looks and as a champion breaststroke swimmer. In this latter capacity, Lischka competed in the 1996 Olympic games, though she failed to win any medals for her efforts. After her athletic career, she pursued a career in journalism before ultimately moving on to Austrian politics in 2003. And yes, all of the good breaststroke puns have already been made.

Luciana Leon

Peru’s Luciana Leon, who serves as a member of parliament, holds the distinction of once having been voted the most attractive female politician in the world in an online poll that pitted her against women from all over the globe (including several you’ll find on this list). The poll put Leon in first place by a massive margin, with 24,094 votes against the next-highest ranking contestant, who received only 15,109 votes. Aside from great looks, Luciana Leon also has brains on her side, having practiced law in her native Peru before making the jump to public life.


Eunice Olsen

Eunice Olsen seems to have done and been practically everything over the course of her unique career. Beginning as a model and beauty queen, Olsen won the title of Miss Universe Singapore in 2000, after which she embarked on a long series of advocacy and charity efforts that made her a philanthropic celebrity in her home nation. In 2004, at age 27, Eunice Olsen became Singapore’s youngest nominated member of parliament. Besides pageants and politics, Olsen has found success as a television personality, movie producer and musician.


Sethrida Geagea

A member of parliament in Lebanon for the Lebanese Forces party, Sethrida Geagea is often hailed as one of the most attractive women in politics today. Aside from being a leading member of her party, she is also the wife of Samir Geagea, the formal party head. Sethrida Geagea has long been a favorite subject of Lebanese media outlets, both because of her political efforts and her noted fashion sense.


Maria Kozhevnikova

Another Russian knockout, Maria Kozhevnikova appeared scantily-clad on the cover of the Russian version of Playboy in 2009. Two years later, the still amazingly attractive Kozhevnikova, only 27 at the time, took up a seat in the Russian Duma as part of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party. Aside from her sultry appearance on the cover of Playboy, Kozhevnikova also modeled and acted before entering politics.


Vanja Hadzovic

Leaks of nude or suggestive photographs of politicians, as damaging as they can be, are far from an uncommon occurrence anymore. The case of a photograph scandal surrounding Serbian diplomat Vanja Hadzovic, however, is slightly different because of the fact that she herself made the photographs public. In 2013, the 27-year old Serbian politician posted a group of images of herself posing suggestively, including one in which she was partially nude, on her private Facebook account. Before long, those photos were appearing in Serbian tabloids, creating a scandal around the young diplomat. Given her extreme physical attractiveness, we cannot help but think that the government board of inquiry into the incident that was established almost immediately afterwards enjoyed reviewing the evidence in the case.


Orly Levy

An independent representative in Israel’s Knesset, Orly Levy rose to political prominence in 2009 when she first ran for national office without any previous governmental experience. Although she held a degree in law, Levy was better known for her career as a model and television personality, fields in which her good looks helped her to excel. At the time, many Israelis considered the attractive yet inexperienced candidate unqualified to hold a major national office. The inclination toward political life, however, came from Levy’s well-known father, David Levy, who had previously been the minister of foreign affairs for Israel.


Nicole Minetti

Like Mara Carfagna, Nicole Minetti was an easy-on-the-eyes member of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s government, serving as a regional councilor for his party. Unlike Carfagna, however, Minetti became deeply involved in the scandals that plagued the prime minister. At a series of now-infamous parties hosted by Berlusconi, Minetti, 28 years old at the time, is alleged to have prostituted herself, as well as to have recruited professional call girls for the “entertainment” of the prime minister and several of his close associates.

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