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Unexplored ocean

Earth our home over the course of history we are constantly learn more and more about our planet humanities and less curiosity for the unknown has led us to explore the far reaches beyond the horizon. When that wasn’t enough we took to the skies and even ventured beyond it. But there is one place, one place that remains a mystery, a place where darkness brings a new meaning to the word – the Ocean. seventy-two percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water yet ninety-five percent of the world below the surface remains unexplored. We have better maps of Mars and the moon and we do of the ocean floor.  nearly fifty percent of all life on Earth is also found in the ocean but, scientists estimate that at the very least a million more-aquatic species has yet to be discovered. Which basically means that theoretically no matter how unlikely or illogical it might be to us now, there is still a chance, a chance that are talking jelly sponge-like creature is enjoying a delicious crabby patty right as the speech.


Challenger Deep


If you ever flown with a commercial airline and try to look out the window things will look pretty small obviously but keep that distance in mind. Now imagine that you’re on a boat and instead of seeing the ground from high up in the air you see the ocean floor from the surface. That’s how deep the Challenger Deep is. At the depth of almost 11,000 meters it’s the lowest known point in the ocean. The most amazing thing though is that we have it in there, humans have actually touch the bottom of this place, and not only that we did it in 1960! It’s over 50 years ago now! Humans will not visit again until 52 years later, when in 2012 James Cameron the famous movie director actually venture down to the bottom himself.


Visiting the Spa


Marine animals have something called the cleaning stations. At these stations fish, shark’s, turtles and other aquatic life congregate to be cleaned by smaller shrimp and fish like creatures. When the animal approaches the cleaning station it will open its mouth and the position its body in such a way as to signal that it needs cleaning. The cleaner fish will then remove a need the parasites from the skin and even swim into the mouth and gills of any fish being cleaned.


Loneliest Whale in the World


For decades now scientists have been tracking our mysterious song heard in the depths of the ocean. The song like sounds have been identified as belonging to a single male whale trying to communicate with others. The problem is that he produced the sounds at the frequency of around 52 Hertz, but most other ways species sing at frequencies much lower – between 15 and 25 Hertz range. Thus, is singing ghost unnoticed no matter how hard he tries and it’s been named the loneliest whale in the world, which coincidentally sounds like a perfect time to for a Pixar movie.


Shipwrecks precious


It’s been estimated that roughly three million shipwrecks are right now resting at the ocean floor. As they slowly sank beneath the surface never to be seen again that they carried with them all their cargo, their gold, everything… So, as we speak there are several billions worth of precious waiting to be found at the bottom of the ocean.


Deepstaria Enigmatica


In 2012, the video from an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico spotted a highly unusual and surreal looking creature. It was captured over 1,000 meters below the surface floating around like a sheet or blanket in the water. The creature was later revealed to actually be a form of jellyfish Deepstaria Enigmatic to be exact, which is an awesome name by the way. not much is known about the animal other than it lives at a depth of between 1000 and 2000 meters.


Deep-sea Gigantism


There is something called DEEP-SEA GIGANTISM and it’s exactly what the name suggests it’s the term for deep sea animals to display a largest size than their smaller more common relatives. For example, the Giant and Colossal Squid. The colossal is the larger of the two and can grow up to 14 meters long. The average length of a freaking bus… Another example is the Japanese spider crab with a maximum lifespan of almost 4 meters. There’s also the giant oar fish which can become over 17 meters long and the giant ice apart which looks absolutely enormous compared to its smaller relatives. It’s not exactly known what is costing the creatures increase size. It could be the result of adaptation, for scarcer food, greater pressure, extreme temperature and complete lack of sunlight or for other unknown reasons.


3 days under water


In early 2013 three days after ship had capsized just outside the coast of Nigeria, a team of divers were sent down to look for the dead bodies of the ship’s crew. What they did not expect to find it was someone still alive. The ship’s cook had in complete darkness survived for free days in a small pocket of air 30 meters below the surface. The only thing he had was a bottle of Coca-Cola. His rescue was also captured on film and has gone quite viral ever since.


Bermuda Triangle / Click here for Bermuda Triangle Facts


The Bermuda Triangle has long been considered to be a mysterious place with strange paranormal activity. A place where ships and aircraft alive mysteriously disappear – never to be seen again. This is not the case at all, officially the triangle is not even considered to exist. In fact, the Bermuda Triangle has as many disappearances as any other region of the ocean of similar size and a lot of the suppose of mysteries about the place even happened outside of the triangle. The only reason is considered paranormal is the work of popular culture.


Pollution Water Acid


It should come as no surprise that water pollution is a big problem all around the world today. Are complete disregard for destroying something that is absolutely essential for life on this planet is nothing short of astounding. And it’s not just about the life in the ocean, it’s about life on earth humans Included. Millions of marine creature’s birds and terrestrial animals are killed every year as the direct consequence of pollution. In China, over ninety percent of the water in and around cities is polluted which should come as a shock to know one as they release around 60 million tonnes of waste into the ocean every single day. The issue comes down to our inability to account for long-term effects the fact that what we do now, today could literally mean life or death in just a few short years. But let’s not forget about our pollution of the skies. Global warming has an enormous effect on the oceans as well.  About thirty to forty percent of the carbon dioxide we released into the atmosphere dissolves into the ocean rivers and lakes. It reacts with the water to form carbonic acid and start a process called ocean acidification we’re slowly but increasingly turning our oceans into acid. Let me say that again just to let you know how moronic this really is.

We are knowingly destroying something that is crucial to our survival and probably the reason we even exist in the first place by turning it into acid.

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