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New York’s Self Auto Cleaning Timed Toilet

Public restrooms are horrifying enough, sometimes you run out of toilet paper and sometimes the last person before you left a mess which might leave you feeling disgusted if you’re forced to clean up after them. Well not to worry, because the future is here! Some high-tech self-cleaning toilets have opened in public use in New York, and it comes with a few pros and cons. To use the restroom, you must pay a quarter can seem absurd especially if you need to go. But the scariest part is that you only get a total of 15 minutes to relieve yourself, and the doors automatically open whether you’re done or not. Not to worry, as there is a three-minute alarm to signal you, followed by three strips of toilet paper to clean up after yourself.


Lobster Loos

Iconic and distinct, these public toilets are only found in Wellington, New Zealand. They have gained widespread attention from locals and made its debut back in 2011. They are the latest addition on the Queens Wharf, but many people state there’s some cultural sensitivity. The two concrete tentacles with a disabled unisex restroom took three years of planning and cost $375,000 to build. The concrete, steel and anti-graffiti coating on the installation make it virtually indestructible. However, the toilets will be closed to public from dusk to dawn to prevent vandalism. It was created in hopes to boost the city’s profile and to gain tourists.


Telescopic Urinals

A wild night out drinking can cause some people to take that walk of shame and start peeing all over the place to empty out those overflowing bladders. It would be convenient to have restrooms outside but lining the streets with toilets seems unattractive and a strange concept. But, in London, that idea doesn’t look too far-fetched. Telescopic urinals or pop-up toilets are hidden underground during the day and conveniently pop up when the sun goes down. The top is disguised as a utility hole cover and slowly emerges in the middle of the sidewalk. This brilliant and innovative may seem weird, but it does eliminate the need to pee in the streets.


Double Seater Toilet

Going to the restroom is supposed to be a personal matter in the comfort of your own space. So imagine using the toilet only to have someone plop down right next to you? I don’t mean that they’re in the stall next to you, I mean they’re literally sitting next to you and you guys are touching skin! Talk about awkward and an invasion of privacy, right?! Well, this two-seater toilet seats up to two people, so both you of you can go together if you’re really close. If not, then this just provides an embarrassing and unpleasant experience for the both of you.


Solid Gold Toilet

Use the restroom like royalty with this solid gold toilet. Created by Maurizio Cattelan for “America,” the Italian artist designed this replica cast in 18 karat gold. However, not anyone can just use it. First off, you must pay the $15 admission entrance at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum which is where it is located. Those waiting to use it will also spot a security guard outside the public area to make sure the toilet is free of vandalism and clean. According to Fox News, the golden throne requires cleaning crews to utilize disinfectant wipes to sanitize the toilet after each use to keep it polished and maintained.


Rysy Mountain Top Toilet

Located in the beautiful mountainside in the crest of the High Tantras is a colorful outhouse. Rysy is the highest peak in the Tatra Mountains, and there’s no doubt that this toilet holds a fabulous view of the mountains. It sits at 2,000 meters above sea level so getting there is quite the journey. The outhouse contains no plumbing system and no toilet, so it’s best to bring your own. The outhouse also lacks a sink so carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer is a must. After all, it is the only outhouse on the mountains, so there isn’t much to expect.


Lip Shaped Urinals

Located in St. Christopher’s Inn in Paris, France; these hip and funny urinals are an attention grabber! They were manufactured by a Dutch company, Bathroom Mania who also specialized in quirky bathroom decor. It’s also quite amusing to see the paintings that accompany the urinals. On one urinal, the face of President Donald Trump is painted around the mouth, so it’s pretty obvious to see what they think of the 45th president of the United States. As comedic and offensive as it looks, there’s a high demand for this kind of installations and designs as there is another set of lip-shaped urinals housed at Belushi’s Bar a few blocks down.


Fish and Flush Toilet Tank

For less than $200, this fish n’ flush toilet tank aquarium set was on the rise in earlier years but has since been discontinued. The kit contained a two-piece aquarium tank with a dual filter system and other components. The 2.2-gallon tank held up to ten fish and guaranteed it to be fully functional, stronger than chinaware and impact resistant. It also came with plastic plants, a fill valve, and a complete flushing system. However, it was advised coral should not be used, and fish were not included in the kit. And don’t worry, the fish tank is completely separate from the toilet tank, so you aren’t pumping dirty water to your fishy friends.


Toilet with a 30 Story Drop

There are rooms with a view, and now there are also toilets with a view. Located at Felix restaurant in Hong Kong on the floors of the Peninsula Hotel is a generous dining area. The exterior wall is an open window that gives way to an impressive view of the city, and it doesn’t stop there. The view extends all the way to the bathroom with the urinals facing the window. If you’re afraid of heights, I’d advise you to close your eyes as it gives you the impression that you’re literally standing over the city. The view is ranked the best in Hong Kong, but I’m not so sure the best way to experience it is by emptying your bladder.


Giant Egg Toilet

Talk about classy and scary at the same time. Located at “sketch,” an award-winning bar and restaurant in London, England, the theme of the restaurant is mysterious and modernized. So it’s no surprise that their restrooms would be the same way. Upon entering the restroom, you’re greeted by a bathroom attendant who directs you into a pod chamber in which you pee into the chamber. Each pod also plays creepy music and sounds which is supposed to relax you, but who knew going to the bathroom was such an experience?!


The Sega Toylet

Only appearing in Tokyo Japan’s metro stations, this fun and amusing video game toilet comes with sensors in the base of the installation. It works by measuring your pee stream force and point of impact. Then it uses that information to maneuver one of four games that rank’s your performance. Now if you thought your bathroom experience wasn’t crazy enough as it is, there’s a game called “Milk from Nose,” that puts you up against the last person to use that urinal to see whose pee stream is the strongest. In another game called “The North Wind and Her,” your pee power navigates the wind to blow up an anime girl’s skirt. Since we all got to go, might as well enjoy it right?


One Way Mirror Toilet

Going to the bathroom should be a private manner, but how would you feel if you could still see everyone as you go about your business? Well in London, England you can! Not to worry as the glass is one way, meaning hundreds of people can’t see you while you’re using the restroom. It was created by artist Monica Bonvicini who wanted to have the calling of nature without having to stop and look at things. Originally starting as an art exhibit, it seems like an exciting place to try and urinate, and people watch. And people will be watching too; just because they can’t see you inside doesn’t mean they won’t be looking at themselves. After all, it is a mirror.


Mannequin Urinal

These mannequin dolls designed next to the toilet are apparently so distracting that men can’t relieve themselves. Located in a restaurant in Taiyuan city, this unique installation features three mannequin dolls. They are dress in sexy lingerie and skimpy outfits and are propped right in front of the men’s urinals. Many customers have complained that the placement of the mannequins make it hard to go about your business when you have eyes staring at you. One customer stated that after walking in the restroom, he quickly ran out when he said the three ladies because he thought he walked in the ladies restroom. Photos of the bathroom urinals and design quickly went viral on Chinese social media, with many people sympathizing with the guests on their difficulty trying to use the toilet.

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